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1ct - 100ct D FL 3EX Request

1ct - 100ct D FL 3EX Request

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GIA 1 ct D FL 3EX 2,000,000 yen

2ct - 100ct D FL Please contact us if you are interested.
The value of cash is rapidly declining.
This is a real and serious matter.
Both the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar are losing value.
The dollar's collapse is no longer in the distant future.
It is said that if inflation takes hold, there is a strong possibility that 1 million yen today will be worth not only 500,000 yen, but also 300,000 yen or even 100,000 yen in 10 years time.
Those who are thinking proactively to protect their assets are shifting to physical assets rather than cash.
The number of people converting cash into 24-karat gold, high-quality diamonds, and gemstones is increasing dramatically.

We will be exhibiting at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show starting tomorrow, and we have already sold over 700 million yen in diamonds to high net worth individuals and VIPs.
From the 27th, we will be exhibiting at the Do Hai jewelry show.

In Japan, people don't have a sense of crisis and are still taking it easy, but to tell you the truth, we don't have time for this anymore.
Have you ever thought that prices have gone up without you knowing it?
This means that the value of cash is decreasing.
In Japan, it is not well known due to information manipulation, but in fact, the U.S. economy is in shambles and beginning to collapse.
What you do with your precious cash will greatly affect your assets in 10 years time.

For now, it is better to convert your cash into high quality diamonds, 24-karat gold, rare and valuable colored stones, or large colored stones to protect your assets.
The important thing to remember is,
1) Never buy high.
If you buy diamonds or colored stones from a department store, retailer, brand name store, or resale shop, they will become bad debts at that point. Do not be fooled.
Diamonds are only good assets when you buy them from a manufacturer who distributes them to professional dealers like us in the world.
No matter how cheap you buy it, if there is no route to sell it in the future, it will be a treasured asset.
We are always buying and selling with overseas suppliers.
We can sell at the market price when we want to sell.
We have sales channels all over the world and can make a profit.
In a sense, this is more important than 1).
If you are seriously considering asset protection or inheritance, please let us know.
Be the first to know when we launch.
If you don't like what you see, don't worry, you don't have to buy.*To protect your privacy, we do not allow other customers to enter the store, and we only accept reservations in advance.
Original processing available
We can create an original design from a loose piece of jewelry, and we can provide you with a 3D design drawing.
How to purchase
For your convenience, we accept cash, bank transfer, bitcoin, USDT, etc. We accept domestic and international remittances for purchases. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you in strictest confidence.

We are professionals, so we can talk about it.
Genuine and up-to-date information

Don't be fooled by rare gems! (Paraiba tourmaline, Demantoid, Alecats, Grandierite, etc...)

The most important point,
(1) That it is rare and unusual.
(2) Rare and valuable

The two are two very different things.
[Click here for more information.

Customer Testimonials

I have been interested in physical investments for some time and was considering investing in diamonds.
I first looked for information online, but found it difficult to find a reliable supplier, so I was introduced to Amazing Studio directly by a friend.
We later set up a business meeting and purchased loose diamonds.
The price has already skyrocketed, and we expect the price to go up in the future.
Kyoto, Japan Male (50s)
I was looking for a Paraiba tourmaline ring and came across this site.
(I have searched many websites (and I have found the right one!).
I wanted to check the product first, so I contacted the company and they were willing to help me and I was able to see the actual product.
I am very satisfied with the product, which is better than the price.
Tokyo, Female (40s)

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Natural diamonds with asset value Order Requests are also available.
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Granding report・Identification report Our products come with certificates of authenticity and identification by professional institutions such as GIA and the Central Gemological Laboratory, which strictly certify the quality of our products, providing our customers with a sense of security and trust. Guarantee We offer a full warranty for repairs and after-sales service to ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time after purchase.

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Natural diamonds with asset value Order Requests are also available.
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