Valuable Paraiba tourmalines and rare gemstones, and worthless Paraiba tourmalines and rare gemstones

Don't be fooled by rare gems!(Paraiba tourmaline, demantoid, alexandrite cat's eye, grandierite, etc...)

The most important point,
(1) That they are rare and uncommon.
(2) Rare and valuable

The two are two very different things.
A common tactic used by malicious traders is to bring a supposedly rare gemstone of very poor quality and sell it at a high price, claiming that it is valuable because it is rare.
We receive many consultations from our customers, and it is the same kind of deception.
The other day, I bought a 10ct Paraiba tourmaline for 1.8 million yen, but the customer asked me to see if it was really worth it. It was a rough Paraiba tourmaline that could not even be cut.
It was indeed a Paraiba tourmaline, but it had no value as a gemstone.
Please note that stories like this are actually quite common.

Ourparaiba tourmalineis 10ct, highly transparent, highly fluorescent, well cut and very rare and valuable.
These two are completely different.

Recently, I was asked, "I have been offered a 4ct demantoid, but what do you think? I am not sure.
Demantoid is transparent, beautiful in color, and shows horsetails. 4ct is very valuable, and a good one costs around 10 million yen.
However, the demantoid I was shown was of poor quality, with zero transparency, cloudiness, dark color, and lack of brilliance, and had no value as a gemstone.
It is the MO of these dealers to target gem fans who have some knowledge of gems.

To avoid being fooled, look carefully to see if it is beautiful before you decide if it is worth it or not.
If it is just rare and not beautiful, it is worthless.
Most of the time, it is stuff that is used for scams.
Rare and unusual is not the same as rare and valuable.

However, if the gem has little transparency, poor color, inclusions, cracks, or looks like a gemstone, it really has no value as a gemstone, no matter how rare or large it may be.
It is important to buy jewelry that you will not regret after you buy it.

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