What is diamond fluorescence? Do you lose if you don't know?

One of the most common questions is that there is a question about diamond fluorescence.
The question is, "Is the fluorescent diamonds worth the clouds?"

This is clearly, not necessarily a fluorescence, but the clouds are cloudy.
Even Strong Blue and Berry Strong Blue have a lot of territory and glitter, and some of the fluorescent, "none" or "Faint", are completely cloudy and have no territory.

It seems that a person with an ambiguous knowledge uploaded the wrong information on the net, was copied one after another, and was circulated without being verified.
In fact, GIA officially,"Fluorescent diamonds are more beautiful"Is announced.
 Such a significant announcement is ignored, and the incorrect information has been spread, and there is a carrier that has a significant suspension of fluorescent diamond prices to make a profit. 。
Never be deceived.

We don't handle cloudy diamonds, whether "strong blue" or "none".
Professionals do not call such cloudy diamonds as "dead" and call them "dead diamonds" or "valuable diamonds".

However, there are some people who sell the cloudy "none" and "Faint" fluorescent diamonds high by using such ambiguous information, so when buying diamonds, simply buying diamonds. It is dangerous to buy only with the appraisal grade.
Who buy it is a very important point when buying a diamond to be your property.
There are many amateurs and resellers who deceive and sell customers without knowing them.
At least, diamonds should be bought from professionals.
And you should buy it from where you have many years of track record.
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