Emerald, which is still worthy, and emerald that does not rise

Natural emeralds continue to rise.
Among them, there are still valuable emeralds and emeralds that do not rise.

Emerald is produced in many countries and regions, but the most valuable and beautiful is from Colombia.
There is a green one with a higher transparency than in other production areas, a territory, clear, and beautiful color.

If you buy, if possible, Colombia is good.
Emerald has a big difference between colors and oils, great value and price.
The most valuable color is VIVID GREEN, but the color of Muzo is the most valuable and rising worldwide.

Most emeralds are made of oil and cut, but non -oil without this oil is very rare and valuable.
However, non -oil is delicate enough to touch by hand and adhere to the oil of the hand, so it is delicate, and if you use it as a jewelry, you do not need to stick to it.
 After non -oil, there is an Insignificant, which has a slight oil, which is rare and valuable.
Next, there is a differentiation of minor oil, which is a small amount of oil used for polishing cut, which is also a valuable level.
However, the level of oil and color levels are not issued in Japan, and it is necessary to take an overseas book.
With everyday emerald jewelry, there is no need to distinguish it to that point.
Even if it is small, the emerald with Colombia is good in color and territory, and good transparency, so it should be bought now because it rises.
Emerald, which has a dark color but is clogged, has poor quality, and it is better to stop it even if it is recommended.
Also, even if it is large, it is better to stop, as it will get tired later if the color is light and a lot of scratches.

Next is from Zambia.
Zambia has a dark color, but many have black inclusions, and it looks dark.
Think that the trader is good because the color is dark, so it is not as valuable or beautiful as Colombia.

In addition, Brazilian emeralds are also distributed, but there is no black incidental and has a high transparency, but the color is more yellow -green rather than green.

About 30 years ago, I bought a large amount of 3CT to 30ct from the Emerald in Colombia, but the number that I could take suddenly has decreased from a certain time. This time I came to say that there aren't many.
When I forcibly heard the reason, for surprising reasons, the amount of mining had dropped dramatically.
At that time, Colombia had a lot of good emeralds near the river in the mountains, but when it was near the river, water came out and had to pump the water with a pump. I can't dig.
And, of course, use electricity to pump water with a pump.
As the power was very high, the traders stolen electricity from nearby electric wires and power plants and mined them with the power.
However, it was said that the electric thief was exposed, had to make electricity on its own, and that the electricity bill was too high and could not be mined.
My supplier seems to have bought it from a contractor called the stone of the thief, and it is said that such a cheap and good emerald is no longer available, and since then the transaction with this person has disappeared.

My friend is an emerald shop called Mr. H.
Mr. H says that he buys a cheap emerald with many incorporation, spreads hot and heated oil with high pressure with his own machine to emerald, raises transparency, and sells it high to make it difficult to see wounds and incorporation. I was working.
One day, he said that he was wrapped in a bandage, Hummer H, and while the oil was put in, the machine burst and the heat oil splattered and had a severe burn.
Just adding oil was an experiment every day, and it was hard.
I wonder how hard it would be for those who mined locally, polishing and using oil.

Considering the history until one emerald comes to hand, the jewels of any quality will be lovable.
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