It does not contain impurities! Super pure natural diamond Type2a / Type2b

Natural diamonds have extremely rare, clear and beautiful diamonds, called super -pure Type2 without impurities.

However, most diamonds belong to Type1 and, of course, minerals, usually contain elements of various other impurities.
As a result, pure Type2 is worth it and the price is rising.

And Type2 has Type2a and Type2b.

Type2a generally exists in extremely colorless and intact diamonds of D-IF and D-FL.
D-IF and D-FL are the ultimate diamonds of miracles, but they are much more rare and more valuable.
The shine and beauty will be exceeded.
GIA has a special certificate called Type2 letter.

In our stock, there is a 30ct-d-FL-3EX-type2a for our stock, but the actual thing emits the beauty of the gods and the transparency and shine.

Type2b is the Type2b that has a history of Hope diamond and idols eye.

Type2b is usually only in blue diamonds, but with a very rare miraculous probability, it may appear in D-IF and D-FL.
It is more rare than Type2a's D-IF and FL, and Type2b's D-IF and FL are the best treasures on the ground, only about 1/1000 Type2a.
Our stock includes Type2b of 10ct-D-FL-3EX and 15ct-D-FL-3EX.
Among the traders, it is called a D color before it turns blue, or is called a C color, and has a special value.

Customers who come to our company and exhibitions will look at them so that they can be nailed and forget to inhale.
If you are interested, please let us know.
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