Contains no impurities! Ultra pure natural diamonds type2A and type2B

There is an extremely rare, clear, and beautiful type2 diamond, which is an ultra-pure, impurity-free natural diamond.

Most diamonds, however, belong to type 1, which, of course, are minerals and usually contain various other impure elements.
Pure type2 diamonds are therefore more valuable and continue to rise in value.

And there are two types of type2: type2A and type2B.

Type 2A is generally found in D-IF and D-FL diamonds, which are completely colorless and flawless, although it is extremely rare.
D-IF and D-FL diamonds are the ultimate miraculous diamonds, but they are even rarer and more valuable.
The brilliance and beauty of these diamonds is even greater.
The GIA has a special certificate of authenticity called a type 2 letter.

We have a large 30ct-D-FL-3EX-type2A in our inventory, but the actual gemstone is a thing of the past, radiating a divine beauty and tantalizing clarity and brilliance.

The type2B is the blue diamond that has gone down in history as the Hope Diamond and the Idol's Eye.

Type 2B usually appears only in blue diamonds, but in extremely rare and miraculous cases, it may appear in D-IF and D-FL diamonds.
It is even rarer than type2A D-IF and FL, and type2B D-IF and FL are the greatest treasures on earth, existing only about 1/1000th of type2A.
Our inventory includes type2B 10ct-D-FL- 3EX and 15ct-D-FL-3EX.
It is called D color before it turns blue or C color among the vendors and has a special value.

When customers visit our company or exhibitions to see the actual gemstones, their eyes are so glued to the gemstones that they forget to take a breath.
Please let us know if you are interested.
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