The value and price of non -heated ruby

Ruby has three categories: non -heated, heated, and treatment.

Although the price and value are very different, each should be aware that some companies sell at a high price without explanation.

Non -heated ruby ​​refers to rubies that are cut and cut, which are not literally heated and remain natural, but there are important points here.
Nothing is not worth anything.

(1) The transparency is high, the color is red or pinkish red, and the one with a small inclusion is a ruby ​​to buy if it is really valuable and appropriate.

(2) Non -heating with a problem is that the quality is too bad, there are many scratches and incidental items, it breaks when heated, or a poor ruby ​​with almost transparency is sold without heating without heating. 。
It is sold high to tourists who do not know knowledge at overseas jewelry shops and airports, but it is not worth it, and in Japan, there are only hundreds of thousands or tens of millions of non -heated ruby ​​of 5ct to 50ct in Japan. There are malicious vendors sold to ordinary people, such as circles.

It is said that Myanmar is high in non -heated ruby.
When it comes to Myanmar, you can imagine a ruby ​​called a vision blad, but in fact many Ruby from Myanmar is a strong pink ruby ​​and has little red ruby.
The non -heated ruby ​​of Pigeon Blood from Myanmar is a longing for ruby ​​fans, but it is extremely small and expensive with high transparency.
An ordinary color that is not a pigeon blood is a few minutes.

Pigeon Blood looks like a really beautiful red ruby ​​when viewed in the sunshine of a country with a strong sun shine, such as Myanmar, Thai and Africa, but under the solar and chamber lights in Japan. It will be a slightly discounted appearance.
So, if you buy with asset value, non -heated pigeon brad ruby ​​from Myanmar is the best, but I think it is not necessary to be Pigeon Blood for everyday purposes.

 The next beautiful one is from Mozambique.
Mozambique also has a ruby ​​that is different from Pigeon Blood, and is a few minutes from Myanmar, but there is something beautiful.
Thai is also high in quality, but many are a little too dark red.
Madagascar is a bit purple and inexpensive, but it sells dozens of times the cost and sells it.

Ruby from Sri Lanka and Vietnamese is a bit pink and light.
You shouldn't buy it now.
India is red and black, so you should stop.

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