Star sapphire value and price

There are three categories of Star Sapphire.
① Non -heated
② Low -temperature heating
③ Synthesis
These three have a great value and price.

(1) Non -heated star sapphire is the most valuable.
The transparency is high, and the six stars appear beautifully and expensive.
As you often misunderstand, be sure to look at the stars under one light.
It would be nice if six stars came out clearly.
Regardless of any star sapphire, if there are two light sources, the stars are double.
If there are three light sources, it will be triple, but this is not a jewelry.
It is a way of such a line.
Under the sunlight, a good star sapphire has six stars.
If the color is dark blue or dark purple, it will be very expensive and will be served at auction.

(2) If there are many inclusions of star sapphire, if the color is white, or thin, a method of heating for several months at a low temperature, such as low -temperature heating.
In the past, Star Sapphires did not exist because the stars had disappeared when heated, so there was no heated star sapphire, but in recent years, low -temperature heating has increased the transparency with low -temperature heating and color. It is now getting darker.
So be aware that all star sapphire is not non -heating.
Low -temperature heating is much lower and cheaper.

③ And the third is a synthetic star sapphire with a problem.
Generally, it is called Linden Star, which is synthetic.
Those that are bruises and those that are bent at the end and are clearly clear are synthetic.
It costs about 2,000 yen at most from a few hundred yen per grain, but a brand sells it for 300,000 to 500,000 yen.
Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thai jewelry stores, and airports in Asian countries are sold at a high price as if they were natural, but be careful not to be deceived.

Please be assured that we handle only non -heated star sapphire.

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