Star Sapphire Value and Price

There are three categories of star sapphires.
(1) Unheated
(2) Low-temperature heated
These three differ greatly in value and price.

(1) Unheated star sapphires are the most valuable.
Those with high transparency and a beautiful six-star appearance are rare and expensive.
Although often misunderstood, stars should always be seen under a single light.
If you can clearly see six stars, it is a good one.
Any star sapphire with two light sources will have double stars.
If there are three light sources, the star will be triple, but this is not a problem with the gem.
This is not a problem with the gemstone.
In sunlight, a good star sapphire will have six stars.
If they are dark blue or dark purple in color, they can be very expensive and are often auctioned off.

If a star sapphire has many inclusions or is white or light in color, it is heated at a low temperature for several months, called low-temperature heating.
In the past, heated star sapphires did not exist because the star disappeared when heated, but in recent years, new technology has allowed star sapphires to become more transparent and darker in color when heated at low temperatures.
So please note that not all star sapphires are unheated.
Low temperature heating is much less valuable and cheaper.

The third is the problematic synthetic star sapphire.
Commonly referred to as Linden Star, this is synthetic.
If the star looks like a fake, and the edges are bent in a strange way and show up very clearly, it is a synthetic star.
A single piece costs a few hundred yen to 2,000 yen at most, but a certain brand sells them for 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen.
Some jewelry stores in Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and airports in other Asian countries sell synthetic gemstones at high prices as if they are natural, but synthetic gemstones have no value.

Please be assured that we only sell unheated and valuable star sapphires.

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