Alexandrite, the king of gemstones!

Alexandrite, the king of gemstones, is a mysterious gemstone that turns blue-green in sunlight and brown to red-purple in indoor light.

By day, it is an emerald; by night, it is a ruby. With such a color change, it is an auction treasure.

They come from Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, etc.
Originally discovered in Russia, they are now rarely mined and are rare and expensive.

Next, high quality alexandrite was mined in Brazil, where a company called Emerald Mine acquired many alexandrite mines.
As is well known with diamonds, De Beers controlled the mines and controlled the price, but with alexandrite, the Emerald Mine Company controlled the price and quality.
However, the miners were very poor, and many of them hid the rough stones they extracted and sold them.
The rough alexandrite was not always good, and the cut was often too wide with few facets and tables, so that the quality of the stones could be recognized at a glance.
However, because they were trafficked, they were sold at a much lower price, and were known as "thieves' stones.
As they say, bad money drives out good money, and as thieves' stones appeared in the market, the value of alexandrite declined, and for a time, good ones were out of circulation.
However, the amount of alexandrite mined in Brazil has been drastically reduced, and the number of high-quality alexandrite has decreased, making alexandrite from Brazil more rare and valuable.

If you have a good Brazilian alexandrite now, please treasure it.
The price will go up more and more.

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