Alexandrite, Kig of jewelry!

Alexandrite is called the king of jewelry, but is a mysterious jewel that changes from blue green and under indoor light under sunlight.

In the daytime, emeralds and those that are called ruby ​​at night are treasures of auctions.

The production areas are Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, and Africa.
Originally, it was found in Russia, but now it is rarely mined and is rare and expensive.

Next, a high -quality Alexandrite was mined in Brazil, and a company called Emerald Mine has obtained many Alexandrite mines.
In Diamond, it is famous that Debias dominated the mine and controlled the price, but Alexandrite controlled and dominated the price and quality by Emerald Mine.
However, the mining people were so poor that many of them hid the rough rough and flow sideways.
From the rough, there were many things that did not get such a good alexandrite, the cuts had few faces, and the table was too wide, so I could see that the quality was different at a glance.
However, because it was a sidewalk, the price was sold much cheaper, and these were called thief stones and distributed.
As the bad money drives the good coin, as the thief stones come out, the value of Alexandrite has stopped, and the good ones have stopped distributing.
However, the amount of mine production has been drastically reduced, and the number of high -quality alexandright has increased the rare value and Brazilian Alexandright has been soaring in recent years.

Please cherish the good Brazilian Alexandrite now.
The price will rise more and more.

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