Unheated sapphires with asset value, unheated sapphires with no value

There are three important points to avoid losing money on sapphires.

First, there are three categories of sapphires: unheated, heated, and treated.

These are very different in value, but beware of bad dealers who sell sapphires without clearly explaining this.

Sapphires are,Cautions that can cost you a lot of money if you don't know about themThere are some
Many people misunderstand that anything unheated is not necessarily good quality, rare, or valuable.
Unheated sapphire is literally a sapphire that has been polished and cut in its natural state, without being heated.
The value and price of an unheated sapphire can vary from several to several hundred times, depending on its quality.
The most valuable unheated sapphires are those with high transparency and few inclusions, but there is a big difference in value and price depending on the color.
Good quality sapphires are highly valuable and rare, and are likely to increase in value in the future.

The highest level of sapphires are those with high transparency and beautiful color, even without heating, and if they are from Kashmir, they are truly valuable.
Kashmir sapphires are called "phantom sapphires" because they are no longer produced in Kashmir, but they are almost impossible to obtain except when past Kashmir sapphires are auctioned, which is a treasure that will increase in value in the future.
For Kashmir sapphires, you can trust GUBELIN or SSEF to certify them. Otherwise, it will be devalued and its value will not be recognized.
This is very important when purchasing.
Kashmir sapphires that are valuable must have a GUBELIN or SSEF.
Some Kashmir sapphires fetch tens or hundreds of millions of dollars at auctions, and they will continue to rise in value.
Rare, high-quality gemstones that are no longer produced can be likened to the work of a great painter after his death.
Royal blue unheated sapphires are also very valuable.
The price of large, transparent sapphires is increasing.
Even if you don't go that far, unheated sapphires with good color and few inclusions, 3ct or more, are worth buying.

However,Never buy unheated sapphiresThere are some
This is a common trick of the bad traders, and sadly, many amateur customers have been cheated.
Unheated sapphires are sapphires that have not been heated, but if heated, they have so many inclusions or cracks inside that they will break, or they are too poor quality to be heated, but some sellers claim that because they are unheated sapphires, they are large and valuable.
Even if it is 10ct-50ct, it has no value.
These are at risk of breaking or cracking while being used.

Unheated sapphires are gemstones that should be bought from a reputable vendor with a proven track record.

Second, heated sapphires are sapphires that have been cut and polished after the rough sapphire has been heated to several hundred to several thousand degrees for several months to increase its clarity and darken its color.
Heating does not necessarily result in a significant decrease in value, and a sapphire with high transparency and beautiful color can be valuable.
In Sri Lanka and Thailand, there are many workshops that heat sapphires, and each workshop keeps the temperature, the duration of heating, and the catalyst used together a secret that has been passed down from generation to generation.
Some professional traders in Sri Lanka and Thailand come to us to buy unheated sapphires, bring them back home, heat them in their workshops, and then turn them into beautiful sapphires that they resell at a high price.
Since we do not know what color the sapphire will turn into six months later, and sometimes it is a gamble, we buy them jointly with several other people to spread the risk, and six months later, we take them out of the heating process and sell them.
Of course, we sometimes lose money, but if we do well, the price can be 10 times the original price or more, so we have several Sri Lankans who come every month to buy.

Finally, treatment is a process in which a lead glass-like substance is added to the gemstone and heated for a few weeks to a few months, often for gemstones of very poor quality and of such poor color and clarity that they will not turn into beautiful sapphires even if heated as is.
The gemstones are then examined by an assay laboratory and are found to be "treated".
This is a completely different technique from normal heating, so it is much cheaper than heating.
There is no problem if you use it as an accessory, but it has no value as an asset.
Please be aware that there are bad vendors, TV shoppers, and mail order companies that sell this product at a high price without labeling it as a treatment.

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