We accept requests for natural diamonds with asset value!

In an era of declining cash values, more and more people are looking to buy diamonds with asset value.

There are three important points to consider.

The first is to buy diamonds with high cash value.
Buy high-quality diamonds of 1 ct. or more, preferably colorless, D-color, or natural color diamonds that are VVS, IF.

Next, and actually the most important point, is to buy diamonds at the lowest possible price.
No matter how good the quality is, if you buy from a department store, retailer, or brand, you are losing money at that point, and the asset has lost its value and will become bad debt.
This is because in department stores, retailers, and brands, diamonds are sold for several to ten times the cost or more.
People often say that diamonds have no asset value because they are sold at a tenth of their value.
It is not that the diamond is worthless; it is that the diamond was initially overpriced.
We have been wholesaling diamonds for over 30 years.
We sell the highest quality diamonds at world market prices, so we can sell the same ones for a fraction of the brand price or less than a tenth of the brand price.

The third important point is that even if you get the best quality diamonds at a low price, if you don't have a way to get cash for them a few years later, there is no point in keeping them as an asset.
Our main business is to sell to professional buyers at overseas exhibitions.
We also have close relationships with world-class auction companies.
We have a proper route to cash.

We sell the highest quality diamonds in the country, from D, E, and F color diamonds to pink and blue diamonds.

Our diamonds range from 1ct to 100ct, so if there is something you are looking for, we can help you find it.
Please feel free to contact us.

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