Receive natural diamond order requests with asset value!

In the era when cash value has fallen, more people want to buy diamonds with asset value.

So there are three important points.

The first is to buy a highly cashed diamond.
If possible, the high quality of 1CT, if possible, preferably D color, or natural color diamonds, VVS, if. FL, now buy diamonds that are more valuable than cash.

Next, it's actually the most important point, but it's the lowest price of diamonds.
No matter how good the quality is, if you buy it at a department store, a retail store, or a brand, you will lose your asset value at that point, and you will have a bad debt.
Because in department stores, retail, and brands, diamonds are sold at more than 10 times the cost.
Some people say, "Diamonds are one -tenth when they sell, so there is no asset value." So, when you sell, it is natural to be one -tenth, and that's the market price.
The diamond is not worth it, but it is buying too high first.
We have been selling diamonds for over 30 years.
It sells the highest quality diamonds in a global market, so if the same is the same, you can sell less than one -tenth to 10th of the brand.

The third most important thing is that even if you get the cheapest and highest quality diamonds, if you want to cash it out after a few years, if you do not have that route, leave it as an asset. It doesn't make sense.
We sell our main business to overseas professional buyers at an overseas exhibition.
We also have a close relationship with a world -class auction company.
There is a proper route when cashing.

We sell the highest quality diamonds in Japan, from D, E, F, pink, blue, and color diamonds.

Diamonds are available from 1CT to 100ct, so if you have anything you are looking for, you can respond.
Please feel free to contact us.

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