Should I buy the non-oil emerald?

When choosing an emerald,Non-oil."you may hear the term "non-oil".
Emeralds have a beautiful green glow, but some are oiled and some are non-oiled.
What is the difference?

The difference between the appearance of emeralds that have been treated with oil and those that have not is, without a doubt, their transparency.

The greatest feature of non-oil emeralds is that they have few inclusions, are crystal clear, and shine with a sense of transparency.
The crystal-like clarity and beauty that seems to be absorbed by the eye is mesmerizing.
If you are looking for high transparency and clear, refreshing brilliance, non-oil emeralds are the best choice.

However, it is important to note that "non-oil = high quality" does not mean high quality.
The value of emeralds is not determined by transparency alone.
The shade of color and the sense of terribleness are also important factors.

Some people may be attracted to emeralds with a deep, dark green color and strong terroir, even if the transparency is a little less than that of emeralds.

It is important to choose an emerald that suits your own tastes and values.
I don't think you need to be particular about non-oil.

Particularly rare are non-oil emeralds from Colombia.

The amount produced is limited worldwide, and they are very good in terms of asset value.

We have handled 91ct Colombian non-oil emeralds in the past, but they are rarely found on the market today.
If you do see one, it is most likely to be in the 3ct to 10ct range.
Of course, Colombian emeralds are rare and valuable, but not so much in other regions.
The fact that it is Colombian and non-oil is a key point as an asset.

There is also a caveat.

If a non-oil emerald is exposed to oil from human hands, that oil can get inside the emerald.
The transparency and brilliance of the non-oil emerald may be lost due to the oil.
Emeralds that were bought with non-oil may no longer be non-oil and drop to INSIGNIFICANT, MINOR, F1, etc.

Handle with care, avoid touching with bare hands, and put in a special case when storing.
It is a delicate stone that should not be touched by hand too often.

In addition, in recent years, there are malicious vendors who sell synthetic emeralds under the false pretense of being "non-oil.

When purchasing emeralds, please choose a reliable jeweler and check the certificate of authenticity carefully.

We carry a large selection of carefully selected non-oil emeralds for your peace of mind.

Our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the best emerald for your needs and preferences.
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