Diamonds from famous brands are much more expensive than diamonds from Amazing Workshops, but are they of better quality?

Are name brand diamonds really better quality? We will find out the secret behind the price.

Everyone is fascinated by luxury jewelry brands such as Harry Winston, Graff, and Cartier.

When you look at the sigh-inducingly beautiful jewelry in the sparkling store, you will be captivated by its brilliance, won't you?

However, do you know the "truth" hidden in the sparkle?

In fact, the diamonds handled by these famous brands and those handled by Amazing Studio are all certified by the same certification body, the GIA.
This means that if the diamonds have the same grade on the GIA certificate, they are of the same quality.

Despite this, the reality is that the prices of famous brand diamonds are five, ten, and sometimes more than a dozen times higher than the diamonds we handle.

Some brands, such as Tiffany, have their own grading standards to avoid being found out, but in many cases, professional diamond dealers consider them to be of a lower level than GIA.

Furthermore, when it comes to jewelry with a high design quality using multiple gems rather than a single diamond or colored stone, it is not uncommon for famous brands to not have the carat weight (ct) stamped on the jewelry.
This is because they fear that if they are compared with the same carat weight and design, the difference in price will become clear and damage their brand image.

So, why does such a price difference arise?

It is because famous brands spend huge amounts of money on advertising, rents for stores in prime locations around the world, luxurious interiors, and personnel costs for the staff working there.

These costs are naturally added to the selling price of the product.

In other words, we are paying a high price not only for the value of the diamond itself, but also for the image and story created by the brand.

The high price strategy of luxury brand products is not limited to diamonds and jewelry.
It is a phenomenon that can be seen in all areas, including bags, cosmetics, outerwear, and more.

Take, for example, Hermes' Birkin Himalaya, known as the world's finest bag.
In fact, the cost of Himalayan crocodile, the material used to make it, is surprisingly low.
(A friend of mine is the sole wholesaler of the leather...but the price is so low that I cannot write about it here. The profit margin is so huge that it cannot be compared to jewelry!)

Thus, the myth that "expensive = high quality" has been completely destroyed in today's information society.

As a smart consumer, you are no longer misled by brand images, but can now discern what is truly valuable at a fair price.

Amazing Kobo offers carefully selected jewelry at a fair price, with no middleman.

Our strength is that we are able to offer high quality diamonds at fair prices by reducing advertising and labor costs and passing them on to our customers.

Please put your precious money to good use!
Instead of spending it on advertising fees, spend it on the actual thing, which has value.
Buying good things at low prices and increasing the value of your assets is the way of life nowadays!

Don't be swayed by advertisements or brand images; see with your own eyes what is truly valuable.
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