The relationship between diamond brilliance and cut|Is 3EX really the strongest? Shockingly, the brilliance of a diamond cannot be described only by its cut!

On the Internet,
Cut: 3Excellent Cut
Clarity: S 1
I was informed that the diamonds with the "S 1" cut are the most cost-effective and get the top level of visual brilliance.

Is this information generally correct?

I have told you this several times,
that 3EX is the best for brilliance, depending on the conditions, is correct.

Retailers sometimes advertise 3EX cuts as "the most beautiful" in the pursuit of profit, but this is not always true.

The reason 3EX shines is that mathematically, when cut in this proportion, the light that comes in is reflected strongly and shines, but this is a calculated grade based on the assumption that there are no scratches or inclusions.
If a diamond has inclusions or scratches, such as SI and I class diamonds, the light is obstructed by the scratches and inclusions and does not reflect as calculated.

Retailers want to make a profit by selling at a higher price, so they say that EX and 3EX are more beautiful, but this is a lie.

Only companies like us, who cut diamonds from rough, know what is really going on, so I don't blame them.
In fact, we are the only company in Japan that buys and cuts rough diamonds.

The minimum level for 3EX to shine brilliantly as calculated is VS-1 or higher.
In fact, only IF and FL stones will shine the best as calculated.

This is why, in fact, almost all of the very rare D IFs and D FLs, which are few and far between, are cut 3EX, while the vast majority of diamonds, I1s and SIs, are almost never cut 3EX.

It is quite common for I and SI class diamonds to not be as brilliant as GOOD, even when cut to 3EX.
We cut at the factory every day and see it first hand.

So, to say that 3EX in SI is cosmetically good and shines is a lie, and probably information written by someone who wants to sell such things, or saw and copied information from another source.
In the diamond world, 99.99% of people who call themselves professionals are amateurs in our eyes.
They don't really know anything.
They are just people who have heard what others have told them.

We have companies, factories, and offices in Japan, Hong Kong, China, and India, and our total number of diamonds is usually in the tens of thousands.
Information on the Internet is not very reliable.

This is not limited to diamonds, but the Internet will write what is convenient for them.
Please be careful.
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