Is it a good deal to buy, through TV shopping?

I can't wait to see all the sparkling jewels on TV shopping!"

Have you ever thought that way?

But wait a minute!
In fact, buying jewelry on TV shopping is often not a "good deal.

Today, we, former wholesalers of TV shopping, will give you a sneak peek behind the scenes!

💍 We'll show you what goes on behind the scenes of TV shopping!
We used to wholesale products to various TV shopping programs including QVC.
We know not only the wholesale prices, but also the behind-the-scenes production of the programs.

In fact, TV shopping is like a drama.
Performers rehearse scripts and make full use of lighting and music to attract viewers.
In fact, our staff once went on TV to sell a product after practicing a script.
I don't want to divulge too much about my peers in the industry, but television is a play with a story, and I think it is good to watch it for pleasure as a drama or play.

💰 There is a reason why it is expensive!
TV shopping costs a lot of money to produce and broadcast. This naturally adds to the price of the product.
In addition, TV shopping has a high return rate.
Considering these costs and risks, the selling price is inevitably higher.

🤔 The information may be a bit biased...?
I think the information is a bit biased and not correct.
In TV shopping, the attractiveness of the products is shown to the fullest, but the specialized knowledge of gemstones and precautions for purchase are not explained in detail.
The story is told in a way that suits the seller.
This is a point to be noted.

💎 Choose your jewelry wisely!
While watching TV shopping can be fun, choose your jewelry carefully.

The important thing is,
-Comparison of price and quality on the Internet and in stores.

Acquire a sound knowledge of jewelry.
Buy from a store you can trust.

Go ahead! Enjoy smart jewelry shopping!

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