Is a "TYPE 2" diamond really so great? A professional tells you the truth about diamond selection!

I heard that TYPE 2 diamonds are very valuable, is that true?"

What kind of diamond is a TYPE 2 diamond?

These are questions we often receive from people who are considering the purchase of diamonds.

Many of you may have heard of the term "TYPE2" but do not know its meaning or value in detail.
There is a big misconception about Type2.
Many people in general think that anything TYPE2 is valuable, wonderful, and beautiful, but this is not true!

In fact, the value of a diamond is not determined simply by the fact that it is a TYPE2.
In this article, we, professional jewelers, will explain the "TYPE2" of diamonds in simple terms.

TYPE2 is one of the diamond classifications and refers to a pure diamond that does not contain impurities such as nitrogen.

TYPE2 diamonds are said to be more rare than TYPE1 diamonds. However, rarity does not necessarily mean high value.

For example, TYPE2 diamonds can be found in H color I2 diamonds, and TYPE2 diamonds can also be found in brown diamonds.
In other words, TYPE 2 is only one of the indicators of a diamond's purity, and other factors such as color, clarity, and cut also greatly affect a diamond's value.

However, it is only about 1% of TYPE1 diamonds, and while it is true that TYPE2 diamonds are rare, that does not mean that they are valuable or inestimably beautiful.

So, what kind of diamonds are truly valuable?

What do we consider to be a highly valuable diamond?

Color: D color
Clarity: FL
Cut: 3EX
Fluorescence: NONE

These diamonds are perfectly balanced.

For example, our 52.09ct, 33.29ct, 30.14ct and 20.23ct diamonds are all D color FL 3EX NONE TYPE2A.

These diamonds are called the highest quality in the world and are the ultimate in beauty and unimaginable brilliance.
TYPE2A diamonds are rare and are truly miraculous.
Remember, however, that the value of a diamond is not determined simply by its TYPE2 status.
The TYPE2A is preceded by D FL 3EX none, and then by TYPE2A, which gives birth to the miraculous rarity and beauty of the diamond.

When selecting a diamond, it is important to judge not only whether it is a TYPE2 diamond or not, but also color, clarity, cut, fluorescence, and other factors in a comprehensive manner, and to buy a diamond after careful evaluation.
In other words, just because a diamond is TYPE2 does not mean it is a good diamond.

Rely on the professional's discernment to find the best diamond for you.

Our staff has a wealth of diamond expertise.

If you need help selecting a diamond, please feel free to contact us.

We will help you find the diamond that is right for you.
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