Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024 store opened!

We will open the Hong Kong International Jewelery Show 2024 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center from February 29 to March 4, 2024!

It is the world's largest jewelry exhibition with high quality and rare jewelry from all over the world.

Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024: Glittering Festival from all over the world

February 29, 2024 -March 4thAt the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition CenterThe world's largest jewelry exhibition "Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024"is held.This exhibition, which is celebrating its 38th this year, isMore than 4,000 exhibitors from all over the worldandMore than 50,000 visitorsGather,It is an event that can be said to be the top of the jewelry industry.

The latest design that takes a rare jewel and trends

In this exhibition,diamond,Ruby,sapphire,Emeralds, etc.Rare gem from,Pearl,Jade,Amber etc.Natural materialsmoreover Jewelry that incorporates the latest trends to,You can see jewelry of all genres in one place.Not only famous brands from all over the worldMany unique works by up -and -coming designers are also on display,World's most advanced jewelry trend You can experience it as soon as possible.

Enriched service for buyers

This exhibition isNot only is it a great place for buyers, butSeminar and lectureSuch,There are also enriched programs for industry officials.Also,Matching service for buyersorFree business matching loungeYou can also use itEfficient business negotiations are possible.

Hong Kong: The center of jewelry business

Hong Kong isIt is one of the world's leading jewelry trade bases,Free trade portTaking advantage of the benefitsJewels and precious metals are gathered from all over the world.This exhibition isBecause it will be held in Hong KongBusiness negotiations with local companiesorCollection of the latest market informationIs also perfect.

Admission ticket is free by pre -registration

The entrance ticket for Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024 isFree for pre -registrationWill be.Official websitePlease check the details.

Let's jump into the glittering world

A rare jewelry gathered from all over the world,Latest trend,And business opportunities.Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024 where you can experience all of theseJewelry fans, buyers, industry officialsIt is a must -see event for.Don't miss this opportunity.

Official website:https://www.hktdc.com/event/hkjewellery/en

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