Thorough after -sales follow -up

Many vendors end with the same sales, but we do not do that irresponsible as a professional.

"I bought it as a ring, but I want to make it a necklace." "I want to buy another and make it a piercing" We have a meeting, propose a 3D design, and renovate to your customer's wishes.

I often hear that there are many unfortunate renovations that "I asked, but I got something different from the image", but in advance, we checked the 3D images in the millimeter units, and after confirming the size. As we make, we are very satisfied with many customers.

In addition, we will respond to replacement of purchased products and requests for resale.
We have many customers around the world and want the highest quality.

For example, "I bought a 5ct D color and IF loose before, but I felt it was small, so I want a 10ct D color and FL." Even if you feel it, there are many customers who want 5ct in the world.

You can sell 5ct D / IF to our customers and pay the price.
Now, the highest quality diamonds have been rising much more than before.

In the past, there are many things that can be sold more expensive than when we purchased from us.

Both customers and other customers have a mechanism that will satisfy you. That is the difference between us, who are developing global businesses, and other companies.

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