Deals in truly valuable gemstones

Although natural diamonds are said to have eternal value, mid-grade diamonds are dropping in value. If you are buying the same, you should buy the highest quality diamonds that will not decrease in value.

Many dealers often sell colored gemstones under the deception that they are valuable because they are rare or precious, but even if they are rare, they are not really valuable if they are of poor quality. Only those that are rare and of good quality are truly valuable and will continue to rise in value.

We do not sell diamonds or colored stones that you will regret after you buy them. We recommend diamonds and colored stones that you will be glad you bought and will be proud to show off later. That is why we have many customers who have been with us for 20 or 30 years. Some of our customers have been buying from us for three generations. We are proud of the fact that many of our customers come to us through word of mouth and referrals.

In Japan, we have customers from Hokkaido and Okinawa, and overseas, we have VIPs and royal families from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and other Asian countries, the United States, Dubai, the Middle East, and Europe who come by private jet to buy our products. This is because we have the largest and highest quality perfect diamonds sold in the world today, and we often receive inquiries from royal families who want the best in the world.

We also sell many of the best colored gemstones, including unheated rubies, sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, alexandrites, and emeralds.

As for world-class gems, we sometimes sell them at Christie's or Sotheby's. Even now, Christie's is still a monthly deal.

Also, last month, we had a group of 9 customers from Singapore who saw Tiktok and came here on a buying tour, and they spent about half a day and bought a lot.

Because of the world-class quality of our jewelry, people come from far away abroad to buy our jewelry, even if they have to spend a lot of money for the trip. Even if they have to spend a lot of money to come here, the price is still low.

Some of the top 10 richest people in the world are our clients. This shows not only that the quality of our jewelry is of the highest quality, but also that we are committed to the strictest confidentiality of our purchasers. This is why VIPs and celebrities can visit us in complete confidence.

For this reason, we keep our customers private, by appointment only, so that they do not meet other customers in the store.

It is our pleasure to hear that after 10 or 20 years, the value will increase even more and people will say that they are glad they bought it at that time.

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