GIA 3ct D VVS1 3EX Diamond Request

Last month, I exhibited at the International Jewelry Show in Dubai.
From Japan, we only participated, but it was an exhibition with a large scale.

In the Middle East, I like 24 gold, large diamonds, and I can't imagine it in Japan, and order a 30CT / 30ct D VVS1 earrings, or order for a total of 5000 ct or more to make necklaces and breaths. I did it.

The wealthy are changing their assets to 24 gold and diamonds. It is common sense in Europe, the United States and Middle East, as the value of cash will decrease in the future and the value will not fall in the future.
With tremendous momentum, I was buying heavy and hard -working clothes like high quality diamonds and tutankhamen. Just walking and walking seems to be muscle training (laughs)
Because it will protect assets.

What surprised me when I went to Dubai was when I exchanged money for Dubai currency at the airport.
I exchanged the same amount of Japanese yen and USD for the same amount, but the Japanese yen had a low currency exchange rate at nearly 20 %! I can still understand 2 %, but I was surprised to see that it was 20 % lower.
I thought the Japanese yen was tattered.

In the future, the USD crashes is a matter of time on the scenario, but it is thought that the value of Japanese yen will decrease further.
The Japanese are really striking, but the value of the important cash you have accumulated so far is not left unchecked.
Changing cash with truly valuable 24 gold and highest quality diamonds is the defense of assets.

Buy diamond roughWe scan the rough stone, calculate the best size, shape, and number, cut and polish, and produces the highest quality diamonds.
SoMake by order by your favorite size, shape, and qualitycan.

For example, according to the birthday of March 14, it is easy to do 3.14ct D IF 3EX or 12.24ct on December 24.
I have delivered a 1CT D IF 3EX with 100 or 100.
The shape is not only a round, but also a heart, pair shaping, emerald, marquis, anything.
Please feel free to contact us.

↓ See more in the video ↓

↓ See more in the video ↓

We are the best in JapanSelling the highest quality diamonds such as D IF, D FL, D VVS1doing.
The world's largest perfect diamond, 52ct D FL 3EX Type2aI have it.
If you are looking for a truly valuable diamond, please feel free to request anything.
The company has a diamond from 0.5ct to 60ct.
You can purchase it directly after you see it.
Please consider the price at the lowest price.

GIA appraisal
3ct D VVS1 3EX
It can be processed on a ring or pendant
9990000 yen
This is also the lowest price warranty.

Ten years later, I would be glad I bought a diamond at that time.
What to leave assets is a big difference.
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