Don't buy to avoid losing money! 3 essentials for choosing diamonds and rare gemstones

1. don't pay more than it's worth!

There really is no good stuff in retail stores and department stores.

That said, if you go to a well-known brand to buy,

It's like having a bad debt when you buy it.

We would have the same highest grade, "D-IF" and "D-FL" to compare,

The price is a fraction of the famous brands, or in some cases, even a tenth of the price.

People often say, "Diamonds are not an asset.

When I sell it, it's only a tenth of the price I paid for it..."

Some people say, "Diamonds are not an asset.

This is because the person originally bought it at a brand store at ten times the cost.

It is quite natural that something that originally costs ten times as much as it costs is reduced to one-tenth of the original price when sold.


'I want to hold it as an asset and a valuable one at that.'

I don't want to lose money when I sell it.

If you think "I want to keep it as a valuable asset" and "I don't want to lose money when I sell it",

Do not buy from retailers, department stores, or brand-name stores.

This is because the prices are very different from the manufacturers who wholesale to suppliers like us.

2. do not be fooled by misinformation circulated on the Internet, etc.

Nowadays, information can be manipulated through the Internet,

There are more resellers trying to make money using the Internet than ever before,

The number of resellers trying to make money using the Internet is unprecedented and has increased dozens of times.

Each of them searches for information that is convenient for them, and then copies and pastes it.

No one checks to see if the person who sent the information is telling the truth.

No one checks or cares whether the information is correct or not.

It is just copies of copies of copies of copies.

Few people are willing to see only correct information from real professionals,

There are so many people who are deceived,

It is heartbreaking to see people losing money because of false information.

Is the person who is giving out that information an authority on that particular piece of jewelry?

Is he or she a world-class expert in the field?

Are they really transmitting this information based on their own experience?

Please check carefully.

3. see the actual jewelry with your own eyes.

By your own mind,

by your sense of beauty,

by your mind and your sense of beauty.

No matter how many people on TV have said so,

just because a celebrity sells it,

Do not believe it.

Television attracts a lot of profit because of its high commissions.

It is made of many stories.

Even if celebrities say they designed them,

with a design company,

many commissions,

and it ends up being very expensive.

Even if someone recommends it,

If someone recommends something that doesn't appeal to you, turn it down.

And as for colored stones,

Simply because they are rare,

Be aware that there are people who sell poor quality products at very high prices.

They say, "If it's rare and not beautiful, it's worth nothing,

Think of it that way.

Never buy something you don't like.