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World's Highest Quality 1.5ct D IF 2EX Heart Loose Natural Diamond with GIA Certificate

World's Highest Quality 1.5ct D IF 2EX Heart Loose Natural Diamond with GIA Certificate

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The dazzling brilliance emitted from the world's finest diamonds will make you forget the time and be impressed!
In this global climate, the highest quality, colorless, flawless, flawless, perfectly cut, diamonds are soaring as the safest and most portable asset.
A 1.5 ct, D color, IF, heart-shaped diamond is a perfect diamond, a beauty to be absorbed! Rainbows overflow from within.
Heart is the most important point of beauty, especially the shape.
This one is a perfect heart, with perfect polish and symmetry, EX , EX!

This is the lowest price guaranteed for the same quality and size.
This is an asset that is worth more than cash, so it is an excellent choice for a commemorative diamond or a special gift.

Cash is rapidly declining in value, and it is predicted that in 10 years time, one million yen today will be worth 500,000 yen, or even 300,000 yen less. In comparison, the highest quality diamonds are expected to be worth so much more in 10 years' time that you cannot even buy a 1 million yen diamond for 1.5 million yen or 2 million yen.

Depending on what you spend your precious property on, 10 years from now, there will be a huge difference.
The world's wealthy are replacing cash with more and more valuable physical objects.
For asset protection, diamonds are one of the most suitable.

Diamonds can also be made into rings or necklaces separately.
Of course, it can also be left as is and become an heirloom.
It is a diamond that can be passed down from generation to generation as the family's most prized possession.
There is no better inheritance solution.

We also have other GIA D IF. FL diamonds in stock, from 1ct to 50ct. We have the most D IF, D FL diamonds for sale in the country. We also have the world's largest selection of perfect diamonds.

Material: Natural Diamond Heart
Weight: 1.5ct
Color: D color
Transparency: InternallyFlawless
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: Very Strong Blue
Certifying Body: GIA
Accessories: GIA certificate and case
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If you don't like what you see, don't worry, you don't have to buy.*To protect your privacy, we do not allow other customers to enter the store, and we only accept reservations in advance.
Original processing available
We can create an original design from a loose piece of jewelry, and we can provide you with a 3D design drawing.
How to purchase
For your convenience, we accept cash, bank transfer, bitcoin, USDT, etc. We accept domestic and international remittances for purchases. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you in strictest confidence.

We are professionals, so we can talk about it.
Genuine and up-to-date information

Don't be fooled by rare gems! (Paraiba tourmaline, Demantoid, Alecats, Grandierite, etc...)

The most important point,
(1) That it is rare and unusual.
(2) Rare and valuable

The two are two very different things.
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Customer Testimonials

I have been interested in physical investments for some time and was considering investing in diamonds.
I first looked for information online, but found it difficult to find a reliable supplier, so I was introduced to Amazing Studio directly by a friend.
We later set up a business meeting and purchased loose diamonds.
The price has already skyrocketed, and we expect the price to go up in the future.
Kyoto, Japan Male (50s)
I was looking for a Paraiba tourmaline ring and came across this site.
(I have searched many websites (and I have found the right one!).
I wanted to check the product first, so I contacted the company and they were willing to help me and I was able to see the actual product.
I am very satisfied with the product, which is better than the price.
Tokyo, Female (40s)

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Granding report・Identification report Our products come with certificates of authenticity and identification by professional institutions such as GIA and the Central Gemological Laboratory, which strictly certify the quality of our products, providing our customers with a sense of security and trust. Guarantee We offer a full warranty for repairs and after-sales service to ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time after purchase.

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Natural diamonds with asset value Order Requests are also available.
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