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Loose 2.01ct D Color Flawless EX TYPE2A Natural Diamond Marquise Cut Loose with GIA Certificate

Loose 2.01ct D Color Flawless EX TYPE2A Natural Diamond Marquise Cut Loose with GIA Certificate

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TYPE2A" is a very rare and high quality grade of natural diamond.

Among diamonds, there are ultra pure diamonds that do not contain nitrogen at a rate of 0.5% to 1%.
That is the TYPE2 diamond.

Furthermore, among TYPE 2 diamonds, diamonds that contain only carbon atoms and no nitrogen or even boron are produced very rarely.
This is the TYPE 2A diamond.

The TYPE2A diamond is a rare natural diamond that contains almost no nitrogen or other impurities, but only very pure carbon.
As a result, it is extremely transparent, has a clear and bright brilliance, stands out for its beautiful whiteness and transparency, which is inherent to diamonds, and has a very high light transmittance.
As a result, light reflection and refraction are maximized to achieve the diamond's unique brilliance and brilliance.
It is a diamond of superb beauty that impresses everyone at first glance.

For this reason, they are considered rare and extremely valuable diamonds among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.
In addition, high-quality TYPE 2A diamonds fetch high prices.
Because of its high quality and rarity, the TYPE2A is regarded as a very special diamond.
Its brilliance and clarity make it an attractive choice for those seeking the highest quality and beauty in jewelry.

Free of impurities, TYPE2A is a very beautiful diamond with rare clarity and beauty!
Please take a look at the pure and unadulterated beauty of TYPE2A.

The marquise cut has unique beauty and characteristics.

This shape gives an elegant and refined impression, and when made into a ring or pendant, it blends beautifully with your fingertips or neck.
The marquise cut maximizes the reflection and refraction of light through its multiple facets.
This allows the unique brilliance of the diamond to be beautifully expressed.
Especially when shaken on the fingertip, the diamond sparkles and enhances its attractiveness.
The marquise cut has the effect of making the finger look longer and thinner.
Its rectangular shape follows the finger, making it appear longer.
For this reason, it is often used as a ring to enhance the beauty of the finger.
Marquise cuts are used in a variety of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.
Its distinctive shape and beautiful brilliance make it suitable for a variety of designs.
It is especially popular among those who seek unique designs and glamour.

The marquise cut is loved for its unique shape and brilliance, making it a diamond with special charm.
The brilliance and presence of these loose diamonds are too beautiful to be conveyed in photographs.
Please take a look at the actual piece and see its charm.

In this world situation, diamonds are soaring as the safest and most portable asset.
We guarantee the lowest price for the same quality.
It is a more valuable asset than cash.
A great choice for a commemorative diamond or a special gift.
The value of cash continues to decline, and it is predicted that in 10 years, one million yen today will be worth 500,000 yen, or even 300,000 yen.
In contrast, the highest quality diamonds are predicted to rise in value to over 1.5 million yen in 10 years for a one million yen piece.

A great deal of difference can be made depending on what you choose to do with your precious property.
The world's wealthy are turning their cash into valuable physical assets.
Diamonds are one of the best options for asset protection.

MaterialNatural diamonds
Color: D color
Transparency: Flawless
CuttingMarquise Brilliant
symmetrySymmetry : Very Good
FluorescenceNone : Very Good
Size : NoneSize: 14.08 x 6.11 x 3.98mm
Appraisal InstitutionGIA : GIA
AccessoriesGIA certificate and case

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(2) Rare and valuable

The two are two very different things.
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I have been interested in physical investments for some time and was considering investing in diamonds.
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The price has already skyrocketed, and we expect the price to go up in the future.
Kyoto, Japan Male (50s)
I was looking for a Paraiba tourmaline ring and came across this site.
(I have searched many websites (and I have found the right one!).
I wanted to check the product first, so I contacted the company and they were willing to help me and I was able to see the actual product.
I am very satisfied with the product, which is better than the price.
Tokyo, Female (40s)

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